Go Wild Families is an initiative started in 2017 created by Lopez in collaboration with Forest School leaders and award winning storytellers.

The aim for Go Wild Families is to reconnect children and adults with nature; to enhance our senses and focus on the moment; to express our creativity doing fun, magical activities; to benefit of the positive effects that nature connection promotes, both for our mental and physical well-being. 

Here are the workshops available for booking:

Seasonal Celebrations

Outdoor event - Craft activities, storytelling and rituals to celebrate together the magical and changing world through seasons; Autumn Equinox, Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice. Designed for 5-11 years old kids and their parents/carers.

Forest Ninja

Outdoor event - A treasure hunt  with team games, role play, nature detective and craft making. Designed for 5-11 years old kids and their parents/carers.

Sit Spot

Outdoor event - Story telling, Active listening, meditation and movements in nature Designed for parents and adults.

Small but Mighty

Indoor/outdoor workshop to learn about insects, ecosystems and to reflect on the importance of protecting Biodiversity for the future of our planet.  Designed for 3-5  and 5-11 years old kids and their parents/carers.

Make some Noise

indoor/outdoor workshop to learn in a fun way about rhythm, cooperation, improv and reflect on the importance of sustainability with up-cycling crafts activities. 


Harvest Story telling


Egg Hunt


Samba toddlers




Nature detectives


Making a Bug Hotel


Craft making

Seasonal celebration